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New version was released: 3.0.0!

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Nocheto is a set of linux chess tools aiming at studying chess, analyzing games, practicing blindfold chess and of course playing and having fun.

Main goal is to create easy to use and highly configurable application with astonishing performance.

Nocheto user interface is developed for Linux console, but its aim is not only be the best chess tool for Linux console, or the best chess tool for Linux, but the best chess tool!

Main nocheto tools are:


This provides many UI for chess engines in linux console.


Nochetoclient can connect to nocheto through the internet and show the same UI and more.


Nochetodbload and nochetodbeval loads chess position into database and evaluate them, so you don't need to evaluate the same position ever again.


The dumbest chess engine. Best for training blindfold or for children.




Nocheto is a linux console UI for UCI engines (like a stockfish). It allows you to play against engine, analyze chess games, go through saved games tree and much more.

It will be very effective for you if you can writte by all ten fingers and you want to rewrite chess games to PGN from your favourite chess books or electronics sources. It will help you learn openings, endgames or study games of other players.

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Nochetoclient is a console application, which can connect to nocheto through the internet (on localhost) and render UI in console.

You can configure it to show different parts of te UI and run multiple instances of nochetoclient (with different configurations).

It can also show evaluations from UCI engine.

Nocheto can show only board
(you can increase console fonts to make the board more readable):
Nocheto client
While nochetoclient can be configured to show a move tree and graph.
(And you can run multiple nochetoclients)
Nocheto client

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nochetodbload is a console application, which loads PGNs files into (sqlite) database. This games can be then crowled using nocheto's openings tree module.

nochetodbeval screenshot


nochetodbeval is a console application, which evaluates FEN positions from the database. These evaluations can be seen through nocheto.

Nocheto uses it to show "centipawnsmeter" on the right side of chessboard, the graph of moves value and or to color moves based on their strength (i.e. green move is the best, red move is a bludner etc.).

nochetodbeval screenshot

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nochetoengi is an very dumb UCI chess engine, which was created for testing purposes. But it is also great help for practicing blindfold games. It can make completely random (but valid) moves. Once you are good enough in beating nochetoengi blindfold, you can challenge stockfish at his lower skills level. It is also good choice if you teach kids to play chess.

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History of this project

I have started developing nocheto simply because there was no good chess UI for linux. Yes, you can use some windows GUI with wine project, but that feels really bad. And yes, there are open source project like PyChess, but it lacks a lot of features you need if you take studying chess seriously. Besides, I was looking for console application, where I can use writting with all ten fingers with an advantage.

Therefore I decided to develop nocheto, which suits my needs best and saves me a lot of time (so I have time to develop it :-).

It is easier, quicker and much more convinient to use for rewriting games from books or internet sources, analyzing them or practicing blindfold chess than anything else.

It took me a lot of time to polish this program to make it as usefull tool as it is, but there is still a lot of work to do. I have in my todo list graphical interface, speed it up even more etc. But it doesn't mean you can't ask my for a new feature!

It is already very usefull tool now and I can't imagine to study chess without it any more. And I thought that, maybe, there are other chess (and linux) enthusiasts, who would like to enjoy nocheto as well.

Note: My native language is Czech. I swear I am a better software developer than translator :) Sorry for butchering this beautiflull language, but I cant afford to let it translate by a professional.