Nocheto HTTP API

Nocheto HTTP API provides access to information about current game (current position, moves tree, whole PGN etc.), values of configuration properties and can be used to execute many commands.

It is ment to be a API for programmers, who wants to extend nocheto functionality. For example, you can create chess board in browser by the mans of HTML, CSS and JavaScript (as shown in example below), or browser extension which opens chess game/position from you favorite website directly in nocheto, runs analyze, get back the result and displays it.

Yes, It can be missused for cheating, but thats not why it is created and we DO NOT provide any help with such activity.

Nocheto also provides simple HTTP server, which you can use to deliver HTML, CSS, JS or other files to user's browser (see example below).

HTTP API is disabled by default, you need to enable it by http command.

It is available sinc version 2.4.0 as experimental feature. You need to run nocheto with --future option to get http command.

API version

Nocheto 2.4.0 contains API version 0.1. This version is not documented, but you can download and study example application, see below.

Example v 0.1


Unpack the zip archive and move the http/ directory into ~/.nocheto/ directory.

Add the following section into your configuration file (~/.nocheto/config/nocheto.ini) and edit values for port and address properties.

port = 8080
address = ""
whitelist = "new;move;flipboard;uu;redo;r;r<;r>;goto;cut;delete;branchup;loadresults;lr;hint;analyze;nag;setnag;comment;bcomment;level;seconds;autoplay;setoption;board;b;undo;u;moves;play;p;switchsounds;fen;tag;stop;speach;echo;ipv4;quit"

Now you can run http command and open corresponding url in your browser (for example

HTTP Web Example