Nocheto News

List of changes in every new nocheto release.

2022.12.11 New version was released: 2.5.0!

New commands

New configuration capabilities

Other changes

  • explorer resizes its width based on a console width
  • mergelist comand now adds [FilenameOrigiin "..."] tag
  • branchup command is renamed to promote
  • speeded up a search statement searching for a player name
  • ipv4 protocol changed to version 4 (not compatible with v3)


  • version 0.2 released
  • http command is stoppable now
  • default http dir was changed from ~/.nocheto/www to ~/.nocheto/http
  • added event stream api

Bux fixes

  • fixed missing namespace error in nochetodbload

2022.02.28 New version was released: 2.4.0!

New commands

  • cut command can delete everything before current move
  • mergelist[+] command opens multiple PGN files at once (and creates list of games from them)
  • merge[+] command opens multiple PGN files and merge them into one game.
  • http command enables HTTP communication protocol (v 0.1)
    (This is an experimental feature so you have to run nocheto with --future option to have this)
    See also Nocheto HTTP API

    HTTP Web Example

New configuration capabilities

  • stalemateisosign and stalemateutf8sign in [board] section are used to mark stalemate in moves tree
  • checkdayinterval in [nocheto] section can be used to set day interval for checking new nocheto releases.
  • New section [nocheng] as addeded with one configuration option: logfile
  • goseconds in [engine] section can have a ! to force this value to be used by all configured engines

New nocheto options

nocheto has --merge-list and --merge options now.

New nochetodbeval option

nochetodbeval has --order option now. It affects in which order unevaluated moves are evaluated.

Commands which are stoppable now

(Commands which can be stopped by stop command)

  • play command is stoppable now
  • hint command is stoppable now
  • ipv4 command is stoppable now

Other changes

  • Database structure was changed and version updated to 3.0 (Resulting database is smaller an faster)
  • hint! command was removed as it duplicated analyze! command
  • Output of nochetoclient in analyze mode was throttled. No more than 1 row per second is drawn now (it increase readability).
  • open, save and printpgn commands interpret ~/ as HOME directory now
  • default colors for evaluated moves were changed (okmovecolor, blundermovecolor)

Bug fixes

  • fixed kitty console detection
  • fixed kitty board generation

2022.01.30 New version was released: 2.3.0!

This release brings following new features:

New config options

Changes in engine configurations

engines configuration can be written into ~/.nocheto/config/engines.ini file.

The nocheto's --engine command line options now understands engine name from configuration file(s).

The nochetodbeval --engine option was removed. Evaluations saved into database shoud always be from the same (strongest) engine configured in config file.

Engine evaluations for moves played by engine

Engine evaluation is addeded to moves played by engine. They have blue color by default.

Note: if engine is configured to play on lower than the strongest level, the result evaluation is affected by it. In another words, you can't rely on it.

New commands

Othrer changes

  • you can use board.txt file to change graphics board colors
  • ascii-utf8 board was added
  • graph is shown in start position
  • graph is shown for alternative moves too

Bug fixes

  • fixed minor bugs in uci protocol