Nocheto News

List of changes in every new nocheto release.

2024.07.05 New version released: 2.6.2!

This new minor release brings these bug fixes and improvements:

Bug fixes

  • fixed utf8 characters cutting (substring) in game explorer view
  • fixed initialization of variables in NochetoOptions.cpp (mergelist)
  • fixed memory arrangements
  • fixed search command with bp|black=
  • fixed promotion move comparsion (a8Q vs a8R etc.)
  • fixed reading PGN with (null) in Date TAG

Improvements and changes

  • last game saved into last-game-2x.packbin (instead of last-game.packbin)
  • improved parsing PGN files with malformed tags ending with \"]
  • added support for engines using Final instead of Total Evaluation
  • catching exception while creating tablebase from FileCache (when FileCache is corrupted)
  • speed up stalemate sign search in moves tree view

Note: These bug fixes and improvements were merged from the 3.0.0 release.

Note: Version 2.6.1 brings only updates related to building in new linux distributions. There was no need to release it.