Nochetoengi command line options

This page describes nochetoengi command line options.


Use --help to show command line options help.

$ nochetoengi --help
Nocheng (Noidea Chess Engine) 2.1.0, Ubuntu19_10, author: Petr BĂ­lek (
USAGE: nochetoengi [-h|--help] [-o|--owner] [-d|--debug] [-c|--config <file.ini>] [-l|--log-file <logfile.txt>]
        file.ini    - Read configuration from this file (after reading nocheto.ini)
        logfile.txt - file to append UCI communication


Use --debug to debug nochetoengi. This is for developing purposes only, you probably wouldn't need to use it.


Use --config filename.ini to read configuration file.

Nochetoengi always read ~/.nocheto/configs/nocheto.ini file first and then the file required by --config option. So you can use this to create ini configuration with different configuration for different usage.

The filename can be absolute path (i.e. ~/.nocheto/configs/tweak.ini) or just a basename (i.e. tweak.ini) in which case the full path is assembled from this basename and ~/.nocheto/configs/.

There is nothing you can configure with config file. Therfore, this option is useless (for now).


Use --log-file logfile.txt to log UCI communication into given file. It is used to log communication between this engine and any chess GUI. Might be handy for debugging errors.

See also logfile configuration property.


Use --owner to print owners credentials.