Nocheto command line options

This page describes nocheto command line options.


Use --help to show command line options help.

$ nocheto --help

Nocheto (Noidea Chess Tool) 0.33, Ubuntu19_10, author: Petr Bílek (
USAGE: nocheto [-h | --help] [-d | --debug] [-c | --config <file.ini>] [-b | --board <boardtype>] [-e | --engine <engine>] [--ipv4] [ -- <file.pgn>]
        file.ini    - Read configuration from this file (after reading nocheto.ini)
        boardtype   - Board GUI (iso, utf8, ascii, compressed)
                      (default utf8)
        engine      - stockfish, gnuchess, nocheng or "arbitrary command string"
                      (default stockfish)
        file.pgn    - load PGN game from this file


Use --debug to debug nocheto communication with engine. This is mainly for developing purposes, you probably wouldn't need to use this.


Use --config filename.ini to read configuration file.

Nocheto always read ~/.nocheto/configs/nocheto.ini file first and then the file required by --config option. So you can use this to create ini configuration file to change only a few desired options.

The filename can be absolute path (i.e. ~/.nocheto/configs/tweak.ini) or just a basename (i.e. tweak.ini) in which case the full path is assembled from this basename and ~/.nocheto/configs/.

Board type

Use --board boardtype to select the desired view. Available boards are: iso, utf8 (the default), ascii and compressed.

ISO board

ISO board is usefull on terminals without utf8 support (i.e. on terminals where you get by CTRL+ALT+F2).

ISO chess board

UTF8 board

This board uses UTF8 characters to show chess pieces, annotations etc.

UTF8 chess board

ASCII art board

This board uses ASCII art to show chess pieces. It is usefull on big terminals with many rows and colums (i.e. on terminals where you get by CTRL+ALT+F2). It doesn't use any UTF-8 characters.

ASCII art chess board

Compressed board

This board shows minimum information, is very small and doesn't use any UTF-8 characters. Not sure if it is usefull for anything :-).

Compressed chess board


Use --engine engine to change engine used for play and analyze games. It is recomended to use this option over setting engine in configuration file. Keep the configuration value on stockfish (or whatever you want to use to analyze positions by nochetodbeval).

The only supported engine for game analyzis is stockfish for now. But you can play against any engine supporting UCI protocol (i.e. stockfish, gnuchess, komodo …).

You can use configuration files to set default engine.

Search for nochetoclient

Use --ipv4 to start waiting for nochetoclient. This behaves the same way as if you run ipv4 command just after starting nocheto.

Open PGN file

To open PGN file, just write its name after nocheto commands (and all its options).

This opens file the same as if you run open filename.pgn command in nocheto.

Open file from command line