Nochetodbeval command line options

This page describes nochetodbeval command line options.


Use --help to show command line options help.

$ nochetodbeval --help
Nocheto Database Evaluator 2.6.0, Ubuntu19_10, author: Petr BĂ­lek (
USAGE: nochetodbeval [-h|--help] [-o|--owner] [-d|--debug] [-c|--config <file.ini>]  [-9|--chess960] [-e|--engine <engine>]  [-g|--go <sec>] [-t|--threads <threads>] [-f|--file <file>] [-r|--order fifo|lifo|rand]
        file.ini    - Read configuration from this file (after reading nocheto.ini)
        sec         - number of seconds engine should think about a move
                      (default 6)
        threads     - number of threads engine should use
                      (default 8)
        filename    - name of PGN file whose FEN positions will be evaluated


Use --debug to debug nochetodbeval. This is for developing purposes only, you probably wouldn't need to use it.


Use --config filename.ini to read configuration file.

Nochetodbeval always read ~/.nocheto/configs/nocheto.ini file first and then the file required by --config option. So you can use this to create ini configuration with different configuration for different usage.

The filename can be absolute path (i.e. ~/.nocheto/configs/tweak.ini) or just a basename (i.e. tweak.ini) in which case the full path is assembled from this basename and ~/.nocheto/configs/.

Chess 9601.1.0

Use --chess960 to evaluate chess960 positions (default is evaluating standard positions.)

So, to evaluate all positions in database, you must run nochetodbeval twice. Once with and once without --chess960.

Go (seconds)

Use --go seconds to change number of seconds to think about one position. It is recomended to use this options, in case you changed goseconds in nocheto.ini for playing in nocheto.


Use --threads number to change number of threads used by engine. It is recomended to use this options, in case you changed threads in nocheto.ini for playing in nocheto.

The value should by the same as number of processor units your computer have.

Not every engine actually use this value. But stockfish does.


Use --file filename.pgn to limit evaluated position only to those found in given PGN file.


Use --order option to change in which order unevaluated moves are evaluated.

As an argument you can use one of the following values:


Use --owner to print owners credentials.

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