This page describes standards, protocols and API supported by nocheto.

Chess engine protocols

Nocheto supports UCI protocol only. Xboard protocol is not suppored (for now).


Nocheto supports Portable Game Notation (PGN) (text format) and partialy 8 September 2001 Extension.

Read Nocheto PGN standard for more info.

TimeControl tag

Nocheto PGN standard also extends TimeControl tag. It allows different time for white and black player and add more time control formats compared to the original PGN standard.

NochetoTreeNumber tag

Nocheto PGN standard add NochetoTreeNumber tag, which is used to mark position in a game, where the software should start after opening it.

BCN64 format

BCN64 format is used to store FEN in a form of 4 64 bit numbers (in a database).

It is a proprietary format, but it is not a secret thought. If you are interested in learning more, you can contact as.