Nochetodbload command line options

This page describes nochetodbload command line options.


Use --help to show command line options help.

$ nochetodbload --help
Nocheto Database Loader 1.1.0, Ubuntu19_10, author: Petr BĂ­lek (
USAGE: nochetodbload [-h|--help] [-n|--namespace <namespace>] [-c|--config <file.ini>] [-p|--puzzles|-g|--games] [--dangerous-speed|-s] -- file.pgn

        file.ini    - Read configuration from this file (after reading nocheto.ini)
        file.pgn    - load PGN game from this file


Use --config filename.ini to read configuration file.

Nochetodbload always read ~/.nocheto/configs/nocheto.ini file first and then the file required by --config option. So you can use this to create different ini configuration for different usage.

The filename can be absolute path (i.e. ~/.nocheto/configs/tweak.ini) or just a basename (i.e. tweak.ini) in which case the full path is assembled from this basename and ~/.nocheto/configs/.


Use --namespace namespace to load games under given namespace.

Default namespace is primary.

You need to first create the namespace in nocheto by addnamespace <name> [<description>] command.

Add games

Use --games to also add games to database (otherwise only new FENs are stored).

Do not use this for loading PGN's with puzzles, endgame studies etc.

Add puzzles

Use --puzzles to add puzzles to database (otherwise only new FENs are stored).

Current version of nocheto cannot read puzzles from database, this feature will come in future versions. But it doesn't hurt to have puzzles in database, so you can evaluate its positions. (Of course, you can load positions only by not using --puzzles or --games options.)

Dangerous speed

The --dangerous-speed option increases speed of loading PGN file into database.

It is usefull for a huge files, but in case of power shorages of you computer or other unexpected errors your database might end up in a broken, unusable state. Always back up you database file before running nochetodbload with --dangerous-speed!

PGN file

file.pgn is the PGN database file, which will be loaded into (sqlite) database.

If you load the same file twice, nochetodbload tries to find out the loaded games and will not load any game twice. But if there are more alternative lines in the loaded game, all new positions are saved into db.

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