Nochetoengi command line options

This page describes nochetoengi command line options.


Use --help to show command line options help.

$ nochetoengi --help

Nocheng (Noidea Chess Engine) 0.33, Ubuntu19_10, author: Petr BĂ­lek (
USAGE: nochetoengi [-h | --help] [-d | --debug] [-c | --config <file.ini>] [-l | --log-file <logfile.txt>]
        file.ini    - Read configuration from this file (after reading nocheto.ini)
        logfile.txt - file to append UCI communication
        Name:      *****
        Address:   *****
        E-mail:    *****
        Purchased: *****


Use --debug to debug nochetoengi. This is for developing purposes only, you probably wouldn't need to use it.


Use --config filename.ini to read configuration file.

Nochetoengi always read ~/.nocheto/configs/nocheto.ini file first and then the file required by --config option. So you can use this to create ini configuration with different configuration for different usage.

The filename can be absolute path (i.e. ~/.nocheto/configs/tweak.ini) or just a basename (i.e. tweak.ini) in which case the full path is assembled from this basename and ~/.nocheto/configs/.

There is nothing you can configure with config file. Therfore, this option is useless (for now).


Use --log-file logfile.txt to log UCI communication. It is used to log communication between this engine and any chess GUI. Might be handy for debugging errors.