Nochetopgn command line options

This page describes nochetopgn command line options.


Use --help to show command line options help.

$ nochetopgn --help
nochetopgn 1.1.1 Author: Petr Bilek
USAGE: nochetopgn [-h | --help] [-d|--debug] [--pgn | --json | --json-full| --counter]
        --help      - show this help
        --pgn       - output as PGN file
        --json      - output every game as one json; games are separated by "\t   \t\n"
        --json-full - output all games as one json
        --counter   - output number of games


Use --pgn to convert standard input in PGN format to PGN format.
This is used for testing validity of input PGN.


Use --json to convert standard input in PGN format to JSON format, where every game is printed as separate JSON object. These are separated by "\t \t\n" (where \t is a tabulator and \n is a new line).


Use --json-full to output all games in one JSON object.


Use --counter to count games in PGN file.

The output should look like this:

res = 0; c = 1

res should be always 0 (unless an error occures). The number on first line and after c are the same - it is the count of games.