Nocheto Help

This is the list of all nocheto commands. See also commands for setup mode.
Commands tagged with [s] are stoppable commands. They can be stopped by stop command.

To show help for commands in nocheto, use help command or extrahelp command.



new [<level>]
start new game at level <level> (0-20)
new960 [<id7>]1.1.0
start new Chess960 game with start position <id> (0-959) or random one
[move] [<x>]
do move <x> (x=d5 Nf3 d7d5 e7e8q e8Q etc.), or go to next move if any
You can use -- for null move2.2.0.
moves [<moves> [*]]2.1.0
add moves to current position. Moves must be in the same format as in PGN file,
i.e. moves 1.e4 (1.c4 c5) e5 2. Nf3 *
If the moves are not added as argument, they are expected to be written on next lines and ended by *.
play, p
[s2.4.0] ask computer to move
play to end
[s] ask computer to play the rest of the game
play <engine> vs <engine>2.0.0
[s] play two engines with each other
First engine plays as white.
play vs <engine>2.0.0
[s2.4.0] set <engine> as engine for play command
(Note: new and new960 commands reset the engine to the default one.)
undo [<n>], u
undo halfmove n-times (default 1)
undo all moves
undo before first variants
undo to the beginning of current branch
undo back to the main line
redo [<n>], r
redo halfmove n-times (default 1)
redo halfmove, stay on the current branch
redo halfmove, go on first [second, ...] variation
replay [<s>], rr
[s] redo all moves, wait <s> second a move (default 1)
goto <move>, g
go to <move>, where move is move number
cut everything before current move
delete current move (with the rest of line)
move current branch in moves tree up
loadresults, lr
load results from explorer into current game
hint [<seconds>]
[s2.4.0] hint a move for current position
analyze[!], a[!]
analyze current move
If !, save result to explorer (takes 2x more time)
analyze+[!], a+[!]
analyze all moves from current move forward
If !, save result to explorer (takes 2x more time)
show table of supported annotations (renamed to listnags in 2.2.0)
show table of supported annotations
nag [<nag>]
add annotation glyphs (i.e. !, !?, etc.)
If no nag is set, all nags from current move are removed
setnag [<nag>]2.2.0
replace annotation glyphs (i.e. !, !?, +/- etc.)
If no nag is set, all nags from current move are removed
comment, cmt [<cmt>]
add comment after current move
bcomment, bcmt [<cmt>]
add comment before current move
level [<level>]
set level (default 0)
secons [<seconds>], s
set seconds engine can think (default 6)
autoplay, ap
switch "automatic computer move" (default true)
setoption <engine> option [value]2.3.0
set value of option for <engine> (temporarily)
<engine> = engine name
<engine> = * for all but main engine
<engine> = - for main engine
list all configured engines
autoboard, abo
switch "show board after move" (default true)
board, b [<boardtype>2.0.0]
change board to <boardtype> and refresh board
(Refresh depends on what part of view is enabled. See view* commands.)
list available board types
listthemes [board|pieces]
list themes you can use for boardtheme and piecestheme commands
After theme name you can see in brackets whether the theme is for board, pieces or both.
boardtheme <theme>
set the theme for graphics board (used in kitty board)
piecestheme <theme>
set the theme for graphics pieces (used in kitty board)
boardwhitecolor <r,g,b>
set red, green and blue color (0-255) for white field on graphics board
(both boardwhitecolor and boardblackcolor must be set to take effect)
boardblackcolor <r,g,b>
set red, green and blue color (0-255) for black field on graphics board
(both boardwhitecolor and boardblackcolor must be set to take effect)
movecolor <r,g,b>2.3.0
set red, green and blue color for stroke around last move on graphics board
clear boardwhitecolor and boardblackcolor so the boardtheme takes effect
flipboard, fb
flip board
viewboard, vb
"show board" shows board (default true)
viewcoordinates, vc
"show board" shows coordinates (default true)
viewcpmeter, vcp
"show board" shows cpmeter (default true)
viewevaluation, veval2.3.0
show/hide evaluation in cpmeter, moves tree and variants
show/hide evaluation for white moves in moves tree
show/hide evaluation for black moves in moves tree
viewgraph, vg
"show board" shows result graph (default false)
viewtree, vt
"show board" shows moves tree (default true)
Set or show max height of moves tree (0 for unlimited)
expandtree, et
switch expandtree (default false)
viewmoves, vm
"show board" shows possible moves (default false)
viewvariants, vv
"show board" shows next moves from tree
(default false)
viewopening, vo
"show board" shows opening name (default false)
viewexplorer, ve
"show board" shows moves from database explorer
(default false)
limits the height of a database explorer
(see also viewexplorerheight config option)
viewgamesexplorer, vge
"show board" shows games from database explorer
(default false)
viewtablebase, vtb
"show board" shows tablebase (default false)
(works for <= 7 pieces on board - included kings)
(require internet access to
viewfen, vf
"show board" shows FEN (default false)
enable/disable clearing console before drawing
enable/disable sounds
namespaces <name(s)>1.1.0
set namespace names for game explorer
you can use * for 'all namespaces'
the default namespace is primary
go to setup board mode
fen <fen>
start new game with <fen> position
fen960 <fen>1.1.0
start new Chess960 game with <fen> position
read game(s) from PGN written to stdin
list PGN tags
tag <name> [<value>]
set tag <name> to <value>. If no value, erase tag.
(<tagname> is case sensitive!)
printpgn [<file>], pp
print PGN from current game to console or file
explore [id2.2.0 ...]
create list of games from explorer for current position or for given id(s)
use list command to list the list and open /\<n> command to open a game
as explore, but games are added to existing list
search games in explorer database
Usage: search [[b|w]p="<player>"] [vs="<player>"] [[>|<]<m>] [YEAR(-YEAR)] [1-0|0-1|1/2]
For example: search wp="Euwe" bp="Capablanca" <100 1923 1/2 finds all games where Euwe was white and Capablanca was black with less than 100 moves played in 1923 ended in draw.
as search, but search games for current position only
list [[<limit>] <from>]
list games from opened PGN file
open <file>
open PGN file
open /\<n>
open game id <n> from PGN file (see list command).
save [<file>]
save PGN to opened file (if any) or <file>.
Set <file> as opened file.
mergelist <file, ...>2.4.0
create new list of games from all games in all given PGN files
mergelist+ <file, ...>2.4.0
as mergelist, but add games to existing list
merge <file, ...>2.4.0
create new game as combination of all lines of all games from all given PGN files
merge+ <file, ...>2.4.0
as merge, but add lines to existing game
save! <file>1.1.1
The same as save, but rewrite existing <file>.
ipv4 [<port>]
[s2.4.0] start server listening on <port> (default 8001)
http <port> <address>2.4.0
start http server on <address>:<port>
This is an experimental feature. Run nocheto with --future option to get it.
See also Nocheto HTTP API.
http stop2.6.0
stop all HTTP servers
list all running HTTP servers
news [id]
show last (or <id>) news if any (internet access required)
listnews [offset]
show last news' titles with date and id
help, h
show help
info, i
show info
Show licence / owner details
check for update
quit, q
quit nocheto

Extra commands:

switch text to speach
addnamespace <name> [<description>]1.1.0
add namespace for game explorer (used by nochetodbload)
Name can consists from english lowercase letters and numbers only,
the default namespace is primary
dropnamespace <name>1.1.0
drop namespace
it works if no game is stored with given namespace
list namespaces
stops stoppable command if any is running
list stoppable commands
echo <text>
print the <text> (and read id if speach is on)
show engine board (if supported)
get the engine evaluation (if supported)
show help for extra commands